Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bakerzin Serangoon Village

A moment of serendipity brought me to Serangoon Gardens one afternoon. I used to frequent this quaint and cosy place in Singapore when I was growing up. Every other Sunday evening, my family and I will head down to Tip Top Restaurant situated at a little corner and had the most delicious fish head curry. And if we ever wanted a fish head curry take away, it was placed in a big Milo tin. The restaurant has long gone and so are the second hand book store situated close to the defunct Paramount theatre. This was my favourite place for Beano and Archie comics and annuals, the magazine Movie News, Enid Blyton and Agatha Christie books.

Didn't realised that a little mall has sprouted at the former site of Paramount theatre. Called  My Village, it is home to NTUC finest, a Japanese BBQ and Hong Kong restaurant, spas, amongst others.  At the front of the mall was Bakerzin, popular for its cakes and pastries. On weekday afternoons from 2-5pm , you can enjoy a cake/pastry with any beverage in the menu for just $8.90. Had the Foret Noir commonly known as the Black Forest. It was a lovely cake layered with kirsh soaked chocolate, almond chocolate mousse, cream, the most luscious dark cherries and chocolate flakes. I ordered Moroccan mint tea with it and I must say I do look forward to another afternoon in this lovely part of Singapore again. Perhaps I 'll try the vintage Borshch restaurant, a landmark here amidst the changing landscape of eateries.