Friday, September 26, 2014

Kki at SOTA

A friend of mine brought me to a cafe in SOTA ( School of Theatrical Arts) called Kki. It had a elegant wooden interior with beautiful Japanese artisan tea-ware and wooden spoons on display. I love the texture and feel of the wooden ware. They were beautiful and sensuous to the touch.

As I sipped on my Japanese plum tea , crumbled my chestnut puree Mount Blanc cake and appreciate the craft of Japanese ware, I made a note to myself to go out more often to beautiful places in Singapore.

Robbie Williams at the Singapore F1 weekend

Portugese singer Lura from Cape Verde entertains at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre 

Vintage cars on display during the F1 weekend 

Fabulous outdoor theatre Lady in the Moon performed at the Padang just before the race

Standing on equal ground with the audience  in the rain ! 

What a sport ! 

For these past few years , the Singapore night race has been described as a jewel in the crown of the F1 grand prix circuit . Unique because it is the only night race of its kind in the world and rousing because all kinds of festivities come together with the race as the main attraction.Before Hamilton, Rosberg, Alonso and the rest rev it up on the tracks, the Padang, the Esplanade and the surrounding areas host the performances of magicians, outdoor theatre and exotic sounds of world class performers. I was basking in the glorious night light that lit the grounds of the Marina Bay area, moving from the performance of Portuguese singer Lura at the Esplanade outdoor theatre to the fabulous outdoor performance of  Lady in the Moon at the Padang. It was breathtaking to take in the sights of red balloons in the air with a mascular performer doing his twirls in mid-air  above the crowd and in contrast, a lady doing likewise with grace and femininity.  

The highlight of the evening right after the race was Robbie Williams in concert . But just as he stepped onto the stage at 10.30, the skies let it go with torrential rain. The bright stage lights dramatized the impact of the rain which cooled the humid air all around. Feeling the raindrops come down on me and watching Robbie (who chose to perform in the rain) made it all so surreal. At this point, 2 beautiful English lasses pulled me up to the front of the crowd knowing how I was blocked by the much taller Europeans who were all around. I never had such an enjoyable time at a concert despite being soaked all he way ! Robbie let it go his way with his hits Come Undone, Let me Entertain you and even jazz classics ! By the time Robbie belted out Angel, the crowd was totally won over despite what the elements threw at them.