Saturday, December 4, 2010

Vintage egg basket

One of the most brilliant designs for kitchen ware back in those days was the egg wire basket.
My mum had one where its shape could be manipulated so that it could take on a different structure. I actually treated it like a toy at times while growing up and was careful to put the eggs away carefully. In those days, my black and white nanny would buy no more than a dozen eggs each time and she loved me so much that I could get away with anything, including handling delicate items like eggs :)

I've also seen some that completely collapses into a flat structure when unused. It only holds its form when lifted or hung up. This is the version I found while flea marketing last week and my kids actually thought I had bought a special net for catching crabs. It does look like one and was in perfect stainless steel condition.

While you can still find new egg wire baskets these days in the shape of a chicken, it is definitely less malleable and less fun from those of yesteryears.


Phoebe said...

Hello Serene! I

ts great to be back visiting your blog again :) I love all the colourful finds that you post :) It brightens up my mood anytime! Thank you for sharing so many beautiful things that you have seen. Cheers!


Smell the Coffee said...

Thanks Phoebe for your encouragement :)

junhua said...

Hi Serene,

I'm currently looking for these egg baskets. Any idea where I could get them?


Smell the Coffee said...

Hi Junhua

Try the vintage shops at China Square on Sunday. I bought the only one from a shop that has since closed. Not sure if the others have it though.

Serene Choo