Friday, October 14, 2011

Han's black forest cake

The Han's restaurant food chain reminds me a lot of an American diner . Set meals of either grilled or fried chicken chop, black pepper or minute steaks, fish and chips served with soup of the day, garlic bread, coffee or tea. I have very fond memories of the place as it was one of the cheaper options for family dining. Back in the late 80's, a black forest cake was only a staple of hotel coffee houses until Han made it accessible to the masses by introducing a cheaper version at only $1.40 per piece or $14 for a whole cake. It was the cake for many of our family birthday celebrations. Other memorable cakes in Han's selection that have not changed through the years are their peach tarts and rum balls . I haven't tasted their black forest cake in years and just had to when my friends and I drove pass one of their first restaurants at Upper Thomson. Had the black forest cake and a cup of tea and that special moment came back, even if it was for just a while. 

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