Saturday, August 24, 2013

70's porcelain vase and plate

I found a little Japanese hexagonal porcelain plate with the most beautiful pair of Mandarin ducks at a flea market some years ago. The old uncle who sold it to me said that he bought it from Isetan at Havelock Road in the late 70s. I remembered that Isetan quite well as it was one of the first few Japanese department stores in Singapore back then. And just 2 months back at another flea market, I came across a matching vase with the same design, just as well-made and just as beautiful. A lovely moment of serendipity again ! It was like reuniting two Mandarin ducks.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Washroom at Dempsey Hill

Hidden in the shrubbery of Dempsey Hill is a quaint little restroom of the restaurant Roadhouse. Strangely, I didn't noticed the bike under the sink till I had washed my hands. Such a quaint idea ! I like the picture of Mr and Mrs Fox too at the door and the little red bird house on the wall.

Decor at Sopra Cucina

Had lunch at the newly opened Sopra Cucina at Claymore Road recently. The restaurant and bar served Sardinian cuisine which honestly, I didn't have a clue about. That's where Googling does a wonderful on the spot job. Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea that lies off the east coast of Italy and one of its food specialty includes roasted suckling pig cooked over a log fire, infused with myrtle leaves. Suckling pig is popular in Chinese and Spanish cuisine (done differently of course) but didn't realised that the Italians or more the Sardinians had their version too.

I settled for a set lunch of bean soup with the main course of cod and capers. Was told that the bean soup was clear but it wasn't so when it came. Not that it mattered as I was more interested in my friend's salad. Fortunately, the cod with capers was really tasty. The capers didn't overpower the taste of the cod which was good. Didn't take any pictures till we had desserts where we had to make our way to the trolley, a beautiful vintage piece with a showcase glass. For a vintage loving person like me, I had to whip up my camera.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

L'air Du Temps Nina Ricci

I love perfumes and was given one recently which reminded me so much of the perfume my mum had at her dressing table while I was growing up. It was a very iconic bottle with a little bird on top and to me it symbolised all the glamour of French perfume. Then it occurred to me that it could be the one and the same brand. Found out that it probably was as L'air Du Temps Nina Ricci was one of the grand dames of perfumes though not as old as Chanel No 5. It made its grand entrance in 1948 at the end of World War 2 and the dove on top was a symbol of peace. Aww...perfect timing to encapsulate such a beautiful moment. Style, history and a great scent all in a gorgeous bottle. Over the years, L'air Du Temps has also undergone a series of changes with some famous designers and design houses such as Lalique and Philip Starck taking turns to give it fresh updates along the way.