Saturday, January 4, 2014

Chinese New Year is in the air

Went to the flower nursery yesterday to get my weekend floral bunches and was greeted at the entrance by an overflowing display of kumquats which symbolises the abundance of gold for the upcoming Chinese New Year. A little over the top but it does make an obvious statement and gives me the urge of doing my Chinese New Year shopping soon !

Green Tea Desserts

Green tea makes a very good ingredient for desserts ! Green tea itself is a little bitter so any sweet ingredient added to it makes a wonderful contrast. I 've always love doing home-made green tea desserts and over the Christmas holidays, it came in handy when my kids' friends came over for lunch or dinner. Served green tea jelly with a spoonful of condensed milk and red beans (optional ) and green tea ice-cream churned in my little gelato maker. I love green tea !