Saturday, July 16, 2011

Textiles at People's Park

If you are looking for textiles in Singapore, the main place would be People's Park , a three storey building in Chinatown that has a whole second level of shops just selling textiles. There is no air-conditioning in the building which takes some getting used to for most people. However, I do feel very comfortable here as I have always been, even way back in the 70's while shopping with my mum. There have been so many changes in Singapore that it is getting increasingly difficult to find places that retain their original charm. What's more, it is so convenient to get to People's Park with the MRT just at its doorsteps. In the past, I used to take a bus with mum and would inevitably fall asleep during the long journey. These days, I still get carried away buying textiles and my favourites - pure linen and cotton voile. Cotton voile is one material that is so suitable for Singapore's humid climate and wearing it lightens my mood.

People's Park is also a favourite haunt of art and fashion design students as well as local designers. This is also the place that sells materials for Japanese arts and craft. Some shops carry a wide range of Japanese cotton with the most cute looking motiffs such as owls, red riding hood, dogs and cats, bird cages and more, materials suitable for handmade bags, dolls and fashion accessories. And if you need stuff such as buttons, zips and lace to complement your textiles, there are also a number of haberdasher shops in the same building. Besides Chinatown, other textile shops are found in Arab street where imported lace seems to be a specialty, Mustaffa Centre which sell predominantly chiffons for saris, Joo Chiat Complex in Geyland where Malay ladies love to shop for their baju kurung materials.

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