Sunday, May 8, 2011

Vintage English teapots

I love English teapots especially floral ones but a monchrome black and white one caught my eye while flea marketing. At the base, it says "Handpainted Monarh England". What I like about it - it is a big fat teapot which can hold up to eight cups of tea, most convenient when friends visit. Tea is my favourite time of the day during weekends and as a child, I remember accompanying my mum on a house visit to her Eurasian friend. At precisely 4 o'clock, out came a golden little tea cart filled with cream cakes, scones and a beautiful tea set. I remember being completely enarmoured and pestered my mum to get one too but nothing came out of that. My husband loves tea time too but in a completely different way. He makes tea out of stainless steel mugs and even "tariks" (pulls) the tea by successive pouring from one container to the other to get a nice creamy foam, just like how Indian drink stall owners do it. I have offered him a beautiful tea pot to fill with tea but he prefers his good, o'le plain container. I can't complain cos he does make the nicest tea. Only when my friends visit do I pull out one of my many tea pots which just sits there in the display cupboard.


tingz said...

where can i buy this?

Smell the Coffee said...

Hi Tingz

Didn't see your question earlier.
Bought it at a flea market in China Square. Vintage tea pots are a rare find in local flea markets but quite common in London flea markets. It is really a random find in Singapore.