Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bumbu Restaurant

Bumbu Restaurant in Kandahar Street is a place my friends and I go to often for their halal buffet which costs $16.80 per person. They serve Thai Indonesian cuisine in a Peranakan setting, which was pretty confusing for me the first time I stepped in.

I was expecting a totally Nonya cuisine but this is even better. A mix of the best from spicy Asia ! The Bumbu salad consisting of thinly sliced lemon grass, century eggs, cashew nuts, onions and chilli was a real appetiser. Similarly with their cold tofu and century egg. Other favourite dishes of mine include the tahu telor, the amazing fried fish with chilli, fried spring rolls and Nonya chap chye.  There are more of course but these are my personal favourites.

A real distraction for me are the Peranakan antiques all around (so much so that I forgot about taking pictures of the food). Art Noveau tiles which adorned the old houses of many Nonyas and Babas are beautifully framed and placed all around. There are also tiffin carriers lined up along the stairs, intricate Peranakan wood carvings and old nostalgic advertisements. I do feel an overwhelming feast of the senses when I lunch here.   

Bumbu Kandahar
44, Kandahar Street
Singapore 198897
Tel : 63928628