Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Beautiful random finds and moments

Spring cleaning time and I discover I have more “treasures” stuffed in corners than I can remember.
Like this set of stamps I found in celebration of the 21st Birthday of Her Royal Highness, The Princess of Wales. Chanced upon a random stamp fair years back at a flea market and an elderly gentleman was selling off his collections of vintage first day covers and stamps. I was quite captivated by his British Royal collection and asked him why wasn’t he leaving it to the next generation. Instinctively, we turned our eyes towards a young, chubby boy sitting close by with his eyes and fingers glued to his play station, but pausing now and then to take a chomp off his big Mac. Remembered he had a considerable amount of ketchup around his mouth.

“$25 for this Princess Di collection and I throw in her mother-in-law as well”, said the elderly man.

“Deal!” I said agreeable.

I miss those days of random finds though it makes today’s spring cleaning a lot harder and longer when I pause to reminisce. Well, at least I get to learn the existence of St Helena, Barbados, Soloman Islands and more.