Friday, October 2, 2009

Miniature Designer Chairs

Miniature Le Corbusier Chair
Miniature Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair

Miniature Jens Risom chair
Miniature Paton chair
Miniature Eames Chair
Miniature Eero Aarnio chair

Miniature Egg Blue Arne Jacobsen chair

Miniature Eames RockerI have blogged much earlier on my love of miniatures and was quite happy to come across miniature designer furniture, popularised by the Japanese on the web. Apparently, they are sold in Japan in retail stores, packaged in boxes with no indication of which particular design they are . Just like a lucky dip, you may get a miniature Eames rocker or an Egg chair. How cool is that ! But if you are building a collection and you keep getting the same chair or that one particular design is so elusive that it is making your collection less than complete, it can be frustrating.

Read that a Caucasian lady staying in Japan wanted precisely a model and the Japanese shopkeeper sensing her desperation was kind enough to weigh the different packages for her . The Japanese catalogue actually states the weight of each type of chair and that was the only way you could get close to what you actually want. Story had a happy ending and she finally got what she wanted. Think it is more direct on the web. What you order is what you get - reac Japan on-line shop . More comprehensible for most (as it is in English) is a Singapore website etradersplace which sells all kinds of miniatures imaginable for collectors.

Most of these designer chairs were actually designed way back in the 50's which make them such timeless classics !


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