Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Miss Nana

I decided to perk things up a little in my little cookie corner in my living room. Decided to move Miss Nana, my made in France cheese grater from the kitchen to keep an eye out for those grubby hands of my kids. She has her hair tied up in a bun and with her arms folded, she strikes a very haughty pose. I bought Miss Nana from Carnaby Street in London years ago though I have seen her too with her dark hair sister in a shop at Paragon, Singapore.
A little silly ditty came along with Miss Nana.

Once upon a plate
Round, round, round
A hill of cheese
High, high, high
That an Italian princess
Pretty, pretty, pretty
With a metal dress
Which scratch, scratch, scratch
Gave during a dancing night.
Hum ! I have les Cros, Charles.

One of my little quirks when I travel is to buy cute kitchen gadgets. I have a cute potato head masher, complete with eyes and a grin , a froggie mitten made of silicon etc. Functionable and quirky, isn't that the best of both worlds ?

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