Thursday, October 22, 2009


Wandered into a shop at Bugis Junction yesterday after lunch and came across some wonderful confectioneries such as macaroons, donuts, swiss rolls and loaves of delicious bread with cute expressions. Only catch - they aren't meant to be eaten. Some people destress by eating cakes and other delectable sweet delights and I must confess that I am amongst them. But what I found helps to destress in a different way without the calories. They come with cute emoticons and are oh so squeezable.
I did assume they were created in Japan, land of the kawaii but was intrigued by the use of the word ROTI on some of the products. Singaporeans used the Malay word ROTI for bread and roti culture is very prevalent in my country. The French have their cafes but we have our versions with our unique roti kaya toast and the blackest, strongest coffee. Was pleasantly surprised to discover that these little cute confections were created by Singaporeans using NASA memory foam. Loved it more ! Bought some Roti Toast that can function as a card or mobile phone holder as well as a sweet pink macaroon which can be attached to the mobile phone. I didn't see these lovely baguettes which are actually computer keyboard rests at the shop but I chanced upon them on the Breadou website.

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Aurelius Chua said...

Pls note that is not an authorised distributor of Breadou.

You are invited to Breadou's official website @

Breadou Original - launched in June 2008
Breadou Emoticon - launched in Aug 2008
Breadou Loaf - launched in Oct 2008
Breadou Goody Murphy - launched in Nov 2008
Breadou Donut - launched in Dec 2008
Breadou Swiss Roll - launched in Dec 2008
Breadou Torto - launched in January 2009
Breadou Slice of Love - launched in February 2009
Breadou Emoticon Keyring - launched in February 2009
Breadou Roti Toast (Tag) - launched in May 2009
Breadou icing creme - launched in June 2009
Breadou Roti Toast (Holder) - launched in July 2009
Breadou Macaron - launched in July 2009