Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy SOFA

Getting my first full set of Colleen colour pencils in 36 shades when I was in Primary 1 was a big happy moment for me. And over last weekend, I chanced upon an unusual colourful sofa set that reminded me so much of that rainbow moment. Just like kids around that age, I love opening my box of colour pencils just to admire the beautiful range of colours. 

Kam Ling Hotel

Jalan Besar in Singapore seems like a most unlikely place for a quaint little boutique hotel. But there it stood, what was deemed an old Chinese shophouse building, now transformed into a hotel that Wong Kar Wai could have considered for the setting for one of his movies. 

Well restored with many of the building's iconic features intact such as the spiralling staircase at the centre of the building as well as paintwork with the natural distressed look. Combined with beautiful vintage furniture and cute posters of Shanghai ladies in qi pao , I am transported back to the early 70s. Good that it kept its very Chinese name. Kind of nice to be reminded of one's Asian roots.