Sunday, September 27, 2009

The common tote

Singing in the Rain by Maxim Cyr

In the Forest by Ula Phelp

Close Relationship by Haha

Robots go Green by Sai Hoo

Came across a Singapore based website called Common Totes, a design community producing fresh tote bags every month. Designs are submitted by the community and they also decide by way of voting which should go to print. These will be then be put up for sale.

According to their website, the project was motivated by a passion to inject life and a little color onto everyday common accessories and the use of plain tote bags are a perfect blank canvas to express creative ideas.

I think it is a great idea. This way, they sell only the totes that people want to be seen carrying. Young aspiring designers will also get to know what are the designs people want in order to be commmercially successful. Designers who get their works selected get to win US$300 each.

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