Monday, October 26, 2009

More buttons

Just like how squirrels store up on nuts and acorns for a cold winter day, I stock up on buttons. Not sure when I will actually get around to using them but I love looking at their colours and shapes.

Especially when my favourite market vendor "Uncle" starts selling them at a fantastic price and giving me more on top of what I am buying. These old Japanese buttons remind me of those colourful Vicks cough drops in different flavours. Strangely, I don't see these cough drops anymore and wonder if they are still in production. My favourite buttons among these are the ones in shades of blue and green and in between.


Phoebe said...

Hi, i stumbled upon your blog and i am inspired by so many nifty things :) May i ask where you get those beautiful buttons from?

Smell the Coffee said...

Hi Phoebe

During weekends after my morning jog at Bishan Park, I would cross the road to visit the market near Blk 232 Ang Mo Kio for breakfast.
There is this elderly gentleman who
has a stall near this market but his goods vary all the time depending on his supplies. He got those buttons from a shop that was closing down. I have not seen him for over 3 weeks and he may have gone on a holiday. What I say makes sense only if you are from Singapore :)

Phoebe said...

Hi Serene,

Thank you for your reply. Yes i am in Singapore :) I love crafting, sewing etc. Do you only get to see him on weekends or does he operate during weekdays ( before the 3 week absence?)

Thank you once again :)

Smell the Coffee said...

Hi Phoebe,

I love handmade things as well though I am not great at craftwork. This market uncle comes only during weekends. Hope he has not given up his stall. If I do see him again, I will ask him if he still has his stash of buttons. Will email you to let you know :)

Phoebe said...

Thank you, Serene :) I appreciate that :)