Monday, June 14, 2010

Comfort food - egg custard

Everyone has their own version of comfort food. When my kids are hungry and stressed from school work, hot little ramekins of chocolate fondant or egg custards will perk up their spirits. Egg custards especially are a breeze to make, taking only 10 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to steam. They are also a good source of calcium for kids who don't like to drink milk.

Receipe for egg custard ( fills up 8-9 little ramekins )
4 medium size eggs
4 tablespoons of sugar
500ml of full cream milk
A teaspoon of vanilla essence

Whisk it well together and pour into the ramekins. It is important to cover the top of each ramekin with aluminium foil so that the top of the egg custard will remain smooth. If not, water droplets from the steaming process will fall back onto the top of the egg custard, making its surface rough and uneven.

If chocolate egg custard is preferred, omit the vanilla and add a tablespoon of cocoa powder dissolved in some water into the whisking mixture.

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