Saturday, June 5, 2010

What is your favourite Sunday morning breakfast ?

Smooth bean curd (tao huay) in a sweet syrup

Lontong ( rice cakes, cabbages, long beans and bean curd pieces in a rich coconut gravy )

There's never really enough time during weekdays to have a nice, leisurely breakfast and I look forward to the weekend mornings, especially Sunday to sip my coffee slowly and indulge in local breakfast fare. Not British breakfast of eggs, sausage and bacon or American breakfast of ham and sausages, bread and jam or pancakes and syrup but a very Singaporean kind.

The Singaporean breakfast ranges from Chinese congee, yam cakes, chee cheong fun (steam rice flour rolls ), chwee kuey ( little rice cakes with dried turnip toppings ) to Malay dishes such as mee siam (vermicelli in a sourish sweet gravy), mee rebus (yellow noodles in a savoury sweet potato gravy) and nasi lemak (coconut rice with anchovies and chilli) just to name a few. Some of my favourites include smooth Chinese bean curd (tao huay) and Malay longtong (rice cakes cooked in a savoury coconut gravy). I can go on waxing lyrical about local Singaporean food and I miss it most when I go on holiday abroad where there are only breakfast options of American or British /continental breakfast. One or two days is fine but on the third day, it starts to get a little to me. As they say, you can take the Singaporean out of Singapore but you can't take the Singapore out of the Singaporean , especially when it comes to food :)

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