Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Professor Brawn cafe

There is a cafe with a difference at Velocity in Novena Square called Professor Brawn. A cosy eatery with a striking chalkboard of drawings and writings on the walls as well as a gold framed picture of a man with an Astro Boy hairdo. Introducing Professor Brawn, the inspiration behind the cafe. Drawn by the autistic son of the owner Roland Tay, Professor Brawn is a strong super hero who doubles up as a professor by day. According to the mission statement on the wall, the cafe sets out to be a social enterprise venture to provide good & affordable foods by an inclusive workforce comprising people of different abilities, ages & socio-economic backgrounds. Some of the cafe's employees include former students of Pathlight, a school for the autistic in Singapore.
The Western set lunch sets here are good and provide value for money. $13.90 on average for a set of main course, a soup and a drink. I chose the BBQ ribs. The sauce was lip licking good while the rib serving substantial for the price. Eating ribs with fingers is really the best way to go. The clam chowder soup was also thick and creamy with just the right amount of real clams. Also adding a nice touch was the lemonade drink served in a carafe. No glasses , just drink it up with a straw straight from the carafe. There are other set meals I 've yet to try as I had ribs twice while I was there. Other items highly recommended by my friends include the chicken chop with truffle sauce. Ok, the next time.
I read about social enterprise food ventures that start out with the best of intentions but fail due to bad food and poor management. At the end of the day, despite ideals and mission, the food has to of a certain quality in order to be viable and stay in business. This one looks like it will.

Professor Brawn Cafe
238 Thomas Road#02-78/79
Novena Square

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