Saturday, September 28, 2013

Vintage picture of Chong Pang village

I came across a lovely picture on a Facebook page called Nostalgic Singapore. 
Paul Hockey is a regular contributor of old pictures on that page and with his 
kind permission, I am able to use this picture for my blog. It was taken by Paul 's
father back in the 60s in Singapore as part of a series of slides. Quality wise,
it is amazing. Like it was just taken yesterdayMost households at that time 
certainly had something the street vendor was selling such as the ubiquitous
hibiscus range of porcelain ware. The A brand of plastic ware from Hong Kong
as advertised on the van was just as popular. They had a wide range of crystal like plastics made into water jugs, butter dishes and collector's favourite - the Chinese New Year tray. Every Chinese household back then seemed to have one. It 's nice to look back at
the old pictures of Singapore. 

Singapore's Chong Pang village in the 60s
(Picture from Paul Hockey's collection as featured in Nostalgic Singapore)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Looking back at Libraries in Singapore

Few months back, I saw a little exhibition at Toa Payoh library that showed how the library has evolved over the years. Back then, we had to stand in queue for the librarian to stamp either BORROWED or RETURNED in those unmistakable chops. The loud sound of the stamping made it official. The librarians were very stern so as kids we had to be on our best behaviour.

Fast forward and it is such a breeze now to borrow and return books after the system had been computerized. The libraries of Singapore are quite up to date with new books added very frequently. I do love visiting the libraries for the latest cookbooks while my husband finds joy in the computer book section.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nick Vujicic in Singapore

Nothing inspires the human spirit more than stories of hope, faith and love. Nick Vujicic came to my work place last week to give a talk and it was evident in that 45 minutes that he had enrich our lives through sharing his experiences, motivating us to live a life without the fear of failure because it is only through failure that we learn to live and be stronger. No one exemplifies it more than him through his actions. Born without arms and legs, he appears to be severely disadvantaged but he has turned that into a strength. Turning around from being a victim of bullying in school and having suicidal thoughts in his formative years have also made him a stronger person and when he found his purpose in life, he was simply unstoppable. Thanks Nick Vujicic for being such an inspiration !

Here's his latest book -  Give me a Hug, written specially for kids. As much as intellectual development is important, a good foundation of values is even more important. It touches on topics like never giving up and bullying in very simple terms using Nick's real life examples. A great little present for kids !  

Friday, September 6, 2013

Cath Kidston in Singapore

Like Liberty, Cath Kidston is the quintessential British brand that carries a fine range of vintage prints on its lifestyle goods. It had just opened its first Singapore store at the Ion (B2-48) and at its official opening last evening, a 20% discount was given to invited guests. I was actually there more to accompany a friend and after a whole day of zipping across the island - from Comex at the Expo to a press conference for Nick Vujicic in Sentosa, I didn't think I could muster the energy to go for a shop opening, much less one that was filled to the brim with guests. But I did say OK initially and I did like vintage prints with flowers and mushrooms and polka dots and ...... What caught my eye was the little birdie prints, especially the one that had a little robin redbreast. Considering there was a 20% discount, I talked myself into getting that print on a tablet cover and a cross body bag. I'm as happy as a lark !

Also loved the little memento moment with real dressed up London guards standing by. Together with the paper props of an apron and a bag in those unmistakable prints, it was a defining Cath Kidston moment !