Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nick Vujicic in Singapore

Nothing inspires the human spirit more than stories of hope, faith and love. Nick Vujicic came to my work place last week to give a talk and it was evident in that 45 minutes that he had enrich our lives through sharing his experiences, motivating us to live a life without the fear of failure because it is only through failure that we learn to live and be stronger. No one exemplifies it more than him through his actions. Born without arms and legs, he appears to be severely disadvantaged but he has turned that into a strength. Turning around from being a victim of bullying in school and having suicidal thoughts in his formative years have also made him a stronger person and when he found his purpose in life, he was simply unstoppable. Thanks Nick Vujicic for being such an inspiration !

Here's his latest book -  Give me a Hug, written specially for kids. As much as intellectual development is important, a good foundation of values is even more important. It touches on topics like never giving up and bullying in very simple terms using Nick's real life examples. A great little present for kids !  

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