Sunday, September 12, 2010

Musical boxes

I love musical boxes. Ever since my neighbour showed me the one her dad bought for her mum when they got married. It had a dancing ballerina which went round and round when the music played. Whenever I went over to her house to play, I would always ask her to wind it up so that I can watch the ballerina dance. The sound of musical boxes still enchant me till this day but lovely ones are hard to come by.

Saw one at Taipei's airport just before my flight home and it was romantic in a most irreverent and whimsical way. It was just slightly bigger than a match box and if you press a little button, out pops a toothy dinosaur with a special birthday cake for a little princess. When you wind it up, it plays the tune "Will you be my sweetheart ?". Bought it for my daughter Chloe who loves the dinosaur but doesn't like the little princess. Sigh !

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