Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shopping in Taiwan

Little boutiques in Shilin night market

Trinklets framed to catch your attention (Ximending)
Kids' clothes at Shilin night market
A pretty boutique in Shilin night market

A hairy scenario (Shilin night market)
Chewy Taiwanese sausages (Shilin night market)
Frog's eggs, a popular Taiwanese dessert (Shilin night market)

Taiwan's notorious smelly toufu (Shilin night market)
A toilet theme restaurant ( Ximending district )

A fun and colourful billboard at Ximending

Spent 3 days in Taiwan recently for work and whatever time I had in between, I made good use of it by shopping at 2 of its famous shopping areas, the Shilin night market and the Ximengding district.
Taiwan is famous for its night markets which are big and lively with shops and stalls staying open till one or two at night. The most attractive market for variety is the Shilin night market which had all kinds of street food including some bizarre ones like smelly toufu, pigs' blood cake and frog's eggs ( can't say for sure if they are real or made to look like frog's eggs ). There were street stalls amidst little boutiques selling all kinds of goods and that made it really fun !
Tasted the famous A4 size fried chicken cutlet which was huge and delicious especially when eaten hot. With one hand holding a huge cutlet and the other carrying a cup of Taiwan bubble tea, I simply forgot to take a picture ! Was full by this time to actually try anything else though I wished I had tried at least the smelly toufu. Perhaps the next time.
They say that if you haven't visited any of Taiwan's night market, you haven't seen the real Taiwan. Glad I did.

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