Sunday, July 14, 2013

Singapore cherries

I have happy memories of my mum and me plucking little cherries from my grandpa's little factory compound at Tanglin Halt Road. They were sweet like cotton candy and I could eat many at one go. That was around 30 over years ago and ever since, I don't remember ever seeing a tree like that. But during one of my evening walks, I chanced upon some little trees by the road with red cherries and it brought back those memories. I just had to plucked them off the tree ! The avid gardener uncle at our community garden might just know and true enough he did. "You got them by the road, right ? I 've eaten them a few times already but this variety is sour ! I put one in my mouth and lo and behold, I discovered that I had dimples after all. Part of that happy memory came back but it fell short on sweetness.

Native to Central America, it has been called the strawberry tree, Jamaican cherry and Panama berry but here, we call it the Singapore cherry.

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