Saturday, July 13, 2013

Growing vegetables

Spontaneous smiles from 3 brothers who were each given an okra (ladies' fingers) by the uncle at the  garden

Oka (Ladies' finger ) 

A rack for potted vegetables, handmade from the wood of a discarded bed 

Little seedlings of kai lan sprouting from the pots. 

The leaves of the sweet potato plant make a delicious vegetable dish

Pak choy 

Japanese cucumber 
I just love dropping by at my neighbourhood community garden. Either to get some rosemary for my bread and chicken, some dill for my fish or perhaps some fresh mint to add to my tea. But most of all, to see what vegetables are in season or what new planting apparatus has been diligently put together from recycled materials. There is so passion and pride put in by our resident gardening enthusiasts that it warms my heart and makes me appreciate what mother nature can provide.

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