Friday, August 24, 2012

Vintage typewriters - Monarch Pioneer

I remember my dad's typewriter back in those days, the familiar sounds of its keys and the carbon paper  placed below to get the extra copy. I also remember learning how to type on it after my Secondary Four. It was very soon after that the computer or what was called the word processor took over.

Saw some beautiful vintage typewriters on ebay and it brought back memories of the typewriter, especially the mistakes and the correction fluid I had to use. I especially love the ones with the golden alphabet keys which are more from the 1930s and 40s. So when an old collector offered to sell me a Monarch Pioneer just the other day, I thought why not. Though it was meant to be one of the earliest version of the portable typewriter, it sure was heavy. Made in USA during the Depression Years of late 1930s,  it was a no frills typewriter aimed at being affordable to the masses but as it was made from solid cast iron, it was strong and sturdy.

I always bring home strange, vintage things much to the curiosity of my children and I had to explain to them what a typewriter was.

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