Sunday, July 1, 2012

Peter's Fish Market - Gold Coast Australia

The last time I had fish and chip from a take away shop was when I was in Cornwall, England during my teen years. It was wrapped in newspapers and I gleefully headed to the beach with it so that I could enjoy the sea breeze and my hot and fragrant fish and chips.
But things turned ugly as a flock of seagulls descended upon me like a group of well trained commandos. Think my fish and chips were ultimately abandoned on the beach as I made a dash.

Well that was years ago and here I was in another country where fish and chips are enjoyed with a similar gusto. The billboard at Peter's Fish Market in Gold Coast says "Fresh and cooked, straight from the trawler."
I could see a funny looking seagull at the corner of my eye but at least he was alone. According to Sun Tzu's Art of War, it is important to know your enemies. As for the fish, it was battered and fried and served with fries. The fish was fresh so it definitely tasted better than the average fish and chips served at family restaurants. But what I loved were the oysters costing only Australian $15 for a whole tray. They were fresh and succulent and ultimately, I abandoned the fish and chips midway, left them to my lunch companions while I just focused on the oysters. Perhaps fish and chips and me were never meant to be.

There are lots of seafood offered within Peter's Fish Market and I was particularly amused by the bugs , a name that locals call this clayfish looking creature as well as the spanner crabs which somehow looked too plastic to be eaten. You can choose your seafood and request it to be cooked to your liking. Battered, crumbed or grilled , seasoned with lemon pepper, spices or cajun pepper. They also do their seafood with a Thai vinegrette - with garlic, chilli and lime. The food can be enjoyed at the benches and tables outside, Alfresco style or you could take them to the beach ! Just be wary of those innocent looking seagulls. Everything is casual and relaxed at this place.

Tiger prawns from Australia 

Spanner crabs- don't they look plastic ! 

Australians call these bugs

Fish that I don't see back in Singapore markets 

Fresh succulent oysters 

Fish and chips 

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