Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bazaar Marketplace at QT Gold Coast

A well thought of layout at Bazaar Marketplace in QT Gold Coast Australia gave a good flow of the food making process, from the kitchen to the display area. From the cold rooms of meat stocks to classic pot roasts in colourful dutch ovens, from the sea food spread of scallops, oysters, prawns and mussel to the stir fry section of Asian food, everything looked beautiful. And backlit from a fridge of exotic fruits and fresh produce adds a beautiful glow to the food spread laid out.

You can order what you like or choose from the buffet spread. Staff are just happy to explain their creations or recommend a nice topping or sauce for the food. The classic pot roast section was very popular, with tender beef cheeks to ribs, all slow cooked to perfection. Being Asian, I skipped most of the fare that I can get back home and hovered around the pot roast and seafood sections like a bee to honey. Almost had no space for desserts but changed my  mind when I saw the spread. Macaroons, meringues, sticky date pudding, tiramisu and more. The sticky date pudding was one of the best I've tasted. It was fragrant and best of all, not cloyingly sweet. Overall, a nice place in Gold Coast, Australia for ambience, service and food.

Cans of my favourite dace fish with black beans are used to decorate the shelves

The beautiful decor within Bazaar Market place

A lovely selection of salads 

Service - Excellent !  Staff here are happy to explain the dishes and its ingredients and even to pose for a picture 

My favourite corner of the buffet spread. 

Beautiful backlit for the buffet spread.

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