Sunday, May 8, 2011

Vintage 70's Chinese cups

Vintage Chinese cups featuring children at play are quite a hoot. People who grew up in the 70's will remember such cups. I found ten cups of the same whimsical design and couldn't help buying them as they were made of fine porcelain and were still in good condition. A sweet little Chinese girl is seen giving her doll a bath and her pet monkey wearing slippers and Chinese style short pants comes up to her offering a brush. The contrast of the sweet little girl and the funny little monkey puts a smile on my face.


Phoebe said...

Hi Serene!

Its always refresing and inspiring when i visit your blog. I love the colours splashed everywhere and the timeless beauty of your finds :)

I remembered these cups! Too bad my mum had to toss a lot of things out when she downgraded her home. My Dad is not a hoarder and would always ask her to throw throw throw.... I wish i have the dresses and clothes my mum made for me for the first 10 years of my life to be passed down to my daugher now :/ They are all gone :(

Smell the Coffee said...

Hi Phoebe !

Thanks for dropping by. I do love old things that are one of a kind. Started to appreciate it more cos quality of workmanship of the past and materials used were way better than most of the stuff we find today. Your mum actually sewed clothes for you when u were young. That is really cool. The only clothes that I remember that my mum made for me were pyjamas. They were very comfortable and she used the nicest cotton :)

Sean said...

Hi Serene,

I just bought 6 of these cups! They are adorable!! I tried to find more info about these cups but could not :( Do you know what factory made them? How many produced, etc?

Smell the Coffee said...

Hi Sean

I only know they were mass produced in communist China during the late 70's. There were quite a number of designs - kid on rocking horse, kid playing ping pong etc and there are collectors out there today who try to collect the whole range. These cups are certainly quaint in terms of size and design :)