Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tekka market

It's always a vibrant and colourful sight around Tekka market in Little India

Banana flowers on the right and some form of plant shoot on the left.

Pomegranates (bottom) make a very popular drink in India and it contains anti-0xidant properties. Heard from a friend that pormegranate juice adds a nice zest to salads.

Every other Sunday, I would make trip to Tekka market for my beef and curry supplies. Love the colourful sights and sounds all around. Just outside the market are stalls selling onions by the sacks and different kinds of egg plants for curries. Also saw some vegetables that got me curious. They appear to be big plant shoots of some kind while the other looks like huge flower blossoms from the banana tree. Wonder what sort of India dishes these vegetables make. I remember coming across a Nyoya receipe called Sambal Jantung Pisang which means Banana Blossom with Chilli Paste but am less familiar with Indian dishes except for my favourite fish head curry.

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