Saturday, July 23, 2011

What a Fish !

Fish laid out beautifully, no not at an exotic seaport but at NTUC Finest which has a fabulous selection of fish everyday and fresh oysters every weekend

I love eating fish ! Just steaming a fresh garoupa in black sauce, ginger and cilantro brings out the natural freshness of the fish. Lately, I 've been trying out more fish recipes to cut down on my meat intake and today, I oven grilled a trout for the first time with a cream sauce to go over it. Lisa, my elder daughter devoured almost the whole fish and spent the longest time at the table making sure every morsel is cleaned up. Ever since she was a baby, she took to fish like a kitten. At the age of six, she learned how to eat the eye of a curry fish head and since then, there was no turning back. Her younger sister would look totally grossed out and she loved it ! I would be at the crowded market every Saturday morning to get my week's supply of fish and though it is quite a hassle, it is worth the wait for the fish monger to get the fish cleaned. But if I want a more exotic fish like trout or whole salmon, NTUC finest at Thomson has a good selection.

For tropical water fish, there are pomfrets - Chinese pomfret, silver pomfret, golden pomfret and black pomfret, sea-bass - Chinese sea-bass and Japanese sea-bass, tilapia - a fish that is commonly farmed, rabbit fish, milk fish, threadfin, grey mullet, mackerals and even more names which I am still trying to figure out. There are also Chinese versions of the names which most fish mongers go by and that itself is another lesson. Oily fish on the other hand such as cod, salmon, trout, anchovies are found in colder waters and they are termed as oily fish because they contain a higher amount of fish fat. This fish fat is also known as Omega oils and are actually proven to be good brain food. One of my all time favourites is Singapore curry fish head which I think it is healthier and even more delicious when you substitute the high cholesterol coconut milk with fresh milk. Till today, I am still learning and experimenting with fish receipes much to Lisa's delight !

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