Friday, October 14, 2011

In appreciation of Singapore Zi Char Cuisine

Prawn noodles with bee hoon
Yong Tao Foo

Bitter goud ribs

Prawn paste chicken

Zi Char stalls are very much a part of the cuisine landscape in Singapore. Zi char means stir fry in Chinese and these stalls are commonly found in coffee shops, selling a variety of the most loved dishes in Singapore. There is no need for posh, fancy restaurants if you are on a budget as zi char stalls do serve what most Chinese restaurants do, but at cheaper prices without the air con and posh table settings. Some of Singapore's most loved zi char dishes include prawn paste chicken, Kung Pao chicken, pork ribs, steamed fish both Teochew and Cantonese style , hot plate beef, chilli and black pepper crabs, cereal prawns etc . 

Tourists coming to Singapore should try the food at the hawker centres as well as that from zi char stalls at coffee shops. Savouring authentic local food in the countries we visit is always one of the best parts of travelling. One of the better zi char places that I love to patronise is the Kok Sen Restaurant in Chinatown. The yong tao foo and the prawn noodles bee hoon are really quite exceptional !

Kok Sen Restaurant
30 Keong Saik Road,

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