Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas celebratory dinner

I cooked a Christmas dinner last night in a very non-traditional Christmas way. A roast would be easier but I decided to do it the Asian way because that is what I do best. There were Malay and Chinese dishes such as paper wrap chicken, beef rendang, satay beef, achar, sweet and sour fish, sayur lodeh and begedil, a Malay potato cutlet. Cooking Malay dishes do require quite a lot of work due to the need to blend and make the rempah. This is a fundamental step in Malay and Peranakan cooking. Imagine back in those days, it was all done by hand by furiously pounding away.

Cooking for your friends and family is the best way to convey appreciation and love. During special occasions, cooking dishes that you don't normally do as they require a lot more preparation makes the celebrations even more eventful. I do enjoy cooking immensely and sometimes wish I could take a year off work just to try a new dish every day.

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