Friday, February 27, 2009


Malacca is a place I retreat to with my family during the school holidays. It is only 3 hours away from Singapore by car and it is here that I have spent many wonderful hours , enjoying moments of serendipity.

I was trying to find shelter from the rain one afternoon in June 2008 while walking through Jalan Chan Koon Seng. There I chanced upon a quaint and beautiful art gallery. What caught my eye were a few paintings of very vibrant colours, distinct style and texture. Here I was introduced to the paintings of Jehan Chan, one of Malaysia's most famous painters. His water color collage on crinkled rice paper, a technique he perfected in the '80s was truly beautiful. I stood there admiring the pictures and when I enquired about the price, I stood there admiring it furthur as it was way beyond what I could afford.

I learnt quite a bit of the artist from the lady at the gallery who turned out to be his daughter.

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