Sunday, June 3, 2012

English porcelain

An English vintage Johnson Brothers tea cup

 Haddon Hall Minton China is a classy modern interpretation of an English hall tapestry,
Bought a set of four Johnson brothers teacups and saucers today. The Johnson Brothers were a very famous tableware manufacturer and exporter which had its origins way back in 1883. It expanded rapidly in the early 20th Century and exported its tableware to all parts of the British empire. During the 1950s award-winning designs like "Old Britain Castles" and "Historic America", became very popular and the Johnson Brothers was given the Queen's award for their contribution to the British economy. However, its fortunes waned in the 1960s due to spiraling costs and competition and the company had no choice but to join the Wedgewood group in 1968. Johnson Brothers have since ceased production altogether in 2003.

Another saucer caught my eye. It was modern compared to the teacup set and at the back of the plate, it says Haddon Hall Minton bone China which is a classy modern interpretation of an English hall tapestry. Just like Spode ( another old English ceramics brand ), Minton had its origins back in the old pottery town of Stroke-upon-Trent in Straffordshire, England. Besides pottery, Minton is also famous for its art nouvea tiles such as colourful Majolica, popularly known here in Singapore as the old Peranakan tiles. It then joined the Royal Doulton Group but has since been  taken over by the Waterford Wedgewood Group in 2005 which produces most of its ceramics in China today. Such is the winds of change in the old English pottery business.

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