Monday, November 9, 2015

Chicken rendang (ayam rendang)

I love to make beef rendang but today, I made a chicken one for a change. After all the WHO reports about  the risk of consuming too much red meats, I am actually thinking of cutting down on its consumption. 

It turned out well and even though I made a big pot, intending to freeze some of it for another day when I am too busy or lazy to cook, I couldn't. The chicken rendang casserole had to be refilled for the second time leaving my pot clean. The secret to a good chicken rendang - the rempah has to be gently cooked till the oil seeps out. Some things cannot be rushed. Secondly, the chicken pieces have to be browned sufficiently. Thirdly, kerisik (toasted coconut) gives rendang an unmistakable aroma. Fourthly, shredded kaffir lime leaves and daun kunyit (tumeric leaf) have to be added. Unlike kaffir lime leaves, daun kunyit is harder to find. I usually get mine from Geylang Serai market as it is not commonly found in Chinese wet markets or supermarkets. I liken it to the slivers of ginger torch flowers that are a must for Chinese rojak. Daun kunyit gives a wonderful subtle fragrance that completes the rendang. 

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