Sunday, December 20, 2015

Penang fried fritters - Pulau Tikus market

I love fritters - bananas, sweet potatoes, tapioca, cempedek but I've yet to see one that has niangao sandwiched between sweet potato and tapioca. What a brilliant idea ! Niangao is a glutinous rice steam cake mainly eaten during Chinese New Year and it is my favorite sweet item during this special time of the year. To be able to have my favorite niangao in December with two different types of fritters was really tempting. The eight fritters that were already sitting there were already reserved by a customer but the street vendor said he could make me a new batch. This also gave me a chance to see how it was done. A toothpick was used to hold the sweet potato, niangao and tapioca together so that it wouldn't fall apart when it is coated with batter. The toothpick is then removed before it is placed in the hot oil. The fritter is drained of its excess oil and then coated with batter one more time before it is fried again. Double crispy and triple delicious ! 

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