Monday, July 18, 2016

Jiu Fen, Taiwan - sweet desserts

Whenever I happen to be at the Toa Payoh MRT station, I would buy back my favourite dessert from a shop called Nine Fresh (Jiu Xian), where the sweet offerings are inspired by a quaint little place in Taiwan called Jiu Fen. Jiu Fen used to be an old gold mining town built by the Japanese when they colonized Taiwan, taking over the gold mining activities in the country. This history explains the architecture and culture of the place. Gold mining activities have long ceased and it took a hit Japanese anime movie called Spirited Away to revive the attraction of the place and when I was there, there were hordes of  Japanese and Korean tourists everywhere. 

What I like about Jiu Fen are the quaint tea houses overlooking the sea and when dusk fell, the tea houses lit up like sparkling jewels on the cobblestone steps.  A must try are the famous desserts of Jiu Fen consisting of  chewy green tea, sweet potato and yam balls. You can't leave Jiu Fen without at least trying a bowl of these sweet delights ! 

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