Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Little Things in Life

Miniature versions of big things have always captured my fancy. Petite, dainty and takes up a lot less space. And if you grew up on Enid Blyton books of wishing trees, mushrooms , little elves and gnomes like I did, you can imagine that these little friends , popping by for a cup of tea while sitting on these little chairs.

I first set my eyes on designer miniature chairs at the Moma store (Metropolitan Museum of Art) but the price was quite overwhelming. US $210 for a Tulip chair and US $410 for a Barcelona chair.

Instead, I found my own versions, $15 each of the stackable ubiquitous chair in Kuala Lumpur and in Malacca, and I still can afford one in pink, yellow, green and orange.

I even found a whole set of bamboo table and chairs from China in a flea market store. These had a rustic, China countryside feel to it. Skokupan Man and Currypan Man are there again, waiting to be served their Chinese tea while they catch up. Overheard Skokupan Man boasting that he caught a fish that big over the weekend and CurryPan Man chuckled in utter disbelief.

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