Friday, March 13, 2009

My Little Note Books

Gizmos and gadgets will enamour many a hearts, but mine will be moved just by whimsical, quirky note books.

I do squeal with delight at the sight of pretty ones and if the patterns continue within the pages, I swoon. I have a friend with similar weaknesses and she avoids the little note book section in Kinokuniya like the plague. As Oscar Wilde said," I can resist anything but temptation" so I gravitate towards them with wild abandon.
The Japanese ones are comparatively more expensive while the Korean ones are priced a little more sensibly. But they are all so nice.......

I still remember my first....a hard cover blue one with a map of the Greek islands on the cover. It even came with maps of the Japanese subway stations at the back. Never thought I would actually use the maps but I did while I was in Japan.

I do stash quite a number in my drawer for those unexpected birthdays of my children's friends or even for my own friends but I really do have a hard time parting with them. But it gives me more reason to buy more

It all started with serious, classic moleskins which I still use till today but for my silly hobbies and diversions, they are all written in these cuties.

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