Sunday, March 29, 2009

Exotic patterns

Was at Little India on a Sunday morning. The colour, buzz and aroma of spices made the place truly alive. Somehow the organic growth of this place made it more original than the other ethnic landmarks in Singapore such as Chinatown. The latter was "cleaned up" by the authorities some years back and has lost some of the charm of the original Chinatown that I knew while growing up. Today, it has far too many shops selling cookie cutter "touristy" things.

Little India on the other hand managed to maintain most of its original charm.
Saw some exotic patterns on some of the floors of the shop houses. When Deepavail comes , the floors will be adorned with even more beautiful hand drawn ones and I must come around then to see. Somehow these patterns remind of the rugs I am thinking of getting from Anthropologie online. The designers of these rugs must have been inspired by some Asian motiffs.

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