Sunday, April 5, 2009

Of cakes, bread and pastries

I have a sweet tooth and always do a double take at interesting showcases of pastries and cakes. In New York, I love the Balthazar French bistro which has an interesting bakery offering croissants, baguettes and brioches.

Also snapped a picture of another interesting bakery called EuroPan while rushing to take the subway 2 years back. Never got to go in but I at least I did pause to gawk, even if it is for a while.

The cakes and pastries in New York Times Square however have no finess. Just huge, huge portions, laden with equally huge portions of cream. I have never been so turned off by sweet offerings.

In Singapore, macaroons seem to be a hot items now. The Canele Patisserie in Singapore has a beautiful display of macaroons in all its varied colours in its showcase. It is nice to see bakeries window dress.

The new Sembawang shopping centre has gone through a revamp. There's an interesting bakery there now. Took a picture while on the move. Must find time to go back one day to savour a cuppa and some macaroons.

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