Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Silly o'le me

As a girl, I used to play at my mum's dressing table (when she was not around of course). I can still remember how fascinated I was with her clip-on earrings and necklaces. Occasionally, I would try on her lipsticks and she did have quite a wide range then from Mary Quant, a very popular brand way back.

And when I saw this picture at a flea market in New York, it reminded me of those moments, however silly they were.
Strange that I grew up without ever liking make up. Supposed I had more fun trying it when I was a girl. The fact that my mum could come back any moment made it all a little more exciting.

When I found the picture, it was encased in a battered and broken frame but I found the little girl's expression, while looking at the mirror with her freshly glossed on lipstick , funny in a silly way. She had a little accomplice at her side too, a cute adorable white dog. The fine print below the picture says 1958. I knew I had to buy it and it costs me only US$3. Now it sits prettily on my shelf, an "old treasure" in a brand new frame.

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