Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eclectic Hodge Podge

It is sad to see shops that have been around for some years close during these trying times. I have always enjoyed a nice cuppa of tea with a tray of scones or cakes at Eclectic Attic at Plaza Singapura while mulling over whether I should buy a piece of furniture or lamp shade.

This cosy cafe is in the midst of the most charming collection of vintage furniture, teapots, cups and Peranakan ware, which are all for sale. My favourite tea selection is raspberry mint tea with scones.

I actually bought a vintage colonial teak cupboard at 50% off the display price while contemplating over a cup of tea. What eventually convinced me was the lovely scallop design over the glass casing. Buying something that you love but not really sure where it fits in the house can be considered quite rash but if you like something so much, I believe it will find a way and a place in the house. Of course it helps to have a patient husband who doesn't mind moving things around. Now the cupboard houses my hodge podge collection of teapots and saucers, hand made plushes and knick knacks . I have always wanted an uncluttered home environment but sometimes this contradicts my penchant for buying vintage.

Eclectic Attic will be closing down soon but apparently the cafe remains on the premise under a different management. Will miss looking around the furniture but at least I still can have my cuppa of tea after a spot of shopping at Plaza Singapura.

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