Sunday, April 26, 2009

Buttons galore

There are fruits that are seasonal just like mangoes, lychees and longans. They are cheap and plenty at certain times of the year and it makes sense to buy more of these then.

Just like seasonal fruits, a special market vendor whom I call "Uncle" has a supply of goods that are seasonal. I never know what he will bring each week which is great because I like surprises.
He has contacts who inform him when shops are closing down for good and he buys goods from these shops quite cheaply in bulk.

Some of my purchases from him include a pair of red Benetton shoes , the most charming teapots, pens, Hello Kitty sand art for my children's party, Venetian looking masquerade masks, authentic Hallmark cards, branded toys and just two days ago, buttons. Around $1 for a pack of 100 buttons. And to think I used to buy them from shops in Chinatown or Jalan Sultan textile centre for at least 10 -20 cents each for the simple ones. He even gives me free gifts on top of what I buy. Shopping is never that fun in department stores.

Now all I need is to think of craft projects that uses the many, many buttons I have.

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