Sunday, April 26, 2009

Almond biscuits

When I was growing up, my mum used to buy Macau's almond biscuits from Chinatown once a year for Chinese New Year. As a kid , I couldn't really wait for the actual day so I would painstakingly remove the scotchtape , take one or two or even three of these biscuits and then try to put back the scotchtape again. But the putting back part was done really amatuerishly and that was when I got into trouble. There was no point denying it as my finger prints would be all over the scotchtape.

Years have passed and I have not seen these biscuits. So when I saw it at a Chinese inport shop in People's Park Centre today, I just had to get it. The packaging has changed somewhat over the years but the brand remains. There is nothing like food from our childhood years to evoke the memories.

I love collecting tins with good designs and this one from Macau looks modern yet it manages to maintain its tradition. Others in my collection include an Italian amaretti cookie tin which features a little girl in a beautiful blue sash, a Marks and Spencer double decker cookie tin and chocolate biscuit tin and many more. Years from now, I hope they will evoke some memories for my children.

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