Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shinzi Katoh

Was at the Borders Book Sale at Expo over the National Day Holiday and chanced upon a little store within the exhibition hall selling the cutest range of goods, from canvas tote bags, plastic folders to water bottles and bento lunch boxes. The little drawings on them were unmistakeably Japanese in style. I could still resist them till I saw little Red Riding Hood, one of my all time favourite fairy tale characters second only to my all time favourite - the wolf in Grandma's nightgown and bonnet.

Red Riding Hood : "My, my, what big teeth you have!"
Big Bad Wolf : "The better to eat you with ! ”

Apparently, they were all part of a collection by Shinzi Katoh, one of Japan's most famous zakka artiste and designer.
There is also an on-line shop based in Singapore which carried some of the Shinzi Katoh range -

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