Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mont Blanc (chestnut cake)

I had lunch at Tampopo restaurant at Liang Court recently and couldn't help noticing the beautiful swirls of cream on top of a Mont Blanc cake at the glass counter . It wasn't listed in the menu so I waved the waiter over and ordered it for dessert. Though I've come across visuals of the Mont Blanc cake in Japanese cake books, I've yet to try one. The Japanese named this creation after Mount Mont Blanc (White Mountain) the highest peak of the Alps in Europe.

It was yummy and tastes as good as it looks. A crusty base with a secret chocolate heart amidst a custard filling and of course swirls of delicious chestnut puree cream on top of it all. What's not to love. A decadent treat at $6 but oh what pleasure ! Heard that you can also order it from the Tampopo Deli at the basement of Liang Court.

Tampopo Deli
177 River Valley road
#B1-16 Liang Court

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