Friday, August 20, 2010

Old Luggage

Picture via Sex and the City 2 coffee table book

Picture via Snail and the Cyclops blog

Old luggage evoke a time of elegant travel, a time where there wasn't a need to rush. Monograms were also commonly etched on these bags make them more personal and stylish.
Even though they have now been replaced by luggage of lightweight material with wheels which make them convenient to bring around, these old luggage have taken a new lease of life in homes today. Big and roomy, they provide excellent storage and organizing possibilities, adding a shabby chic look to the decor of a home. What's more, the interior of an old luggage bag can be completely refurbished, with beautiful fabric replacing tattered lining.

One decorating tip is to pile them one on top of each other to make a table, either as a simple one in the living room or a night stand beside a bed. I 've also seen some interesting uses on the web such a bed for a pet or a cabinet for toiletries when it is hung on the wall.
Luggage in an an array of shapes makes a nice picture, from the more common rectangular ones to the cylindrical ones meant mostly for hats.

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