Friday, August 20, 2010

Qi Paos

I love wearing dresses but I haven't got much patience to look for the right design and size. I have also never tried ordering a dress online as I am quite particular about the texture of the material. Natural fibres such as cotton and linen are my favourites and I need to feel it to get the assurance.

A dressmaker is the other alternative but they are not easy to come by these days as the trade is no longer as thriving as it used to be, especially in this day and age of ready made clothes. But I am lucky to have found one quite near my place who charges me quite a reasonable price. She specialises in making qi baos (think of Maggie Cheung in the Mood for Love) which are extremely elegant and beautiful but unfortunately, I do not have the figure for that and I can only admire the ones in her shop. She does however make other kinds of dresses for me and I am now quite thrilled to spent a weekend afternoon looking for the right textiles.
If only I could slim down sufficiently to wear a qi pao. Nah ! I love food too much to do that and will just content to whip up the DVD In the Mood for Love and dream :)

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